Vacaciones seguras Internet

Keys to prepare the holidays safe online

¿Preparando las Internet Vacation?

You want to go a few days with family, with family or friends on and off ...

And of course, que si encuentras un chollo para estas vacaciones, the better right?

Preparar las vacaciones desde casa por internet es cada vez más habitual.

Por ello y para que prepares tus próximas vacaciones por Internet sin problema y con seguridad, te indico tres claves interesantes a tener en cuenta:

1.- To get good prices

Buscar chollos para las vacaciones por Internet, It is a matter of observation and comparative, of course it is very important to have as clear as possible what we are looking. En Internet tenemos multitud de portales especializados en chollo viajes, Cheap hotel deals and travel for your vacation.

Independientemente del chollo para vacaciones que busques, you must be very thorough, sure on all the details that appear in the bid to avoid mishaps and incidents occur which may disrupt the happiness and holiday break.

Remember that all the effort you make to the search for a good holiday bargain, será recompensado con unas fantásticas vacaciones.
La mejor forma de encontrar chollos para las próximas vacaciones es buscando en Internet constantemente, of eligibility for any offer or promotion spot many agencies and tourism companies put on the market in order to boost sales.

Es recomendable que realices una investigación en Internet, informing you of the offers available for the place you want to travel and the activities you want to perform on your holiday.

Para que tengas a mano te dejo esta infografía con una pequeña selección de webs especializados en chollo viajes y ofertas para vacaciones.

infografia de portales para vacaciones


2.- To avoid surprises

Remember los ciberdelincuentes no descansan ni en vacaciones, is intensified their attacks at this time with fake offers last minute. For management and booking your holiday online is satisfactory, continues these safety tips:

  • Check Websites.

Comprueba que la página en la que estás es la página del hotel o del portal donde vas a comprar.

The times, cybercriminals copied or created real looking webs Hotel, Restaurants, Flight companies, car rental, farmhouses, etc for the sole purpose of obtaining information from your credit card.

Para ello comprueba si tienen sellos de “confianza online” o son páginas seguras (aparece “https” en la barra de navegación y tiene el icono de un candado cerrado en la parte derecha de la barra de direcciones o en la parte inferior de la ventana del buscador para garantizar que tus datos van cifrados) and browse the web a bit.

If you notice something weird, not engage in any transaction.

También puedes acudir a foros to see if there are any problems with some strange web notes.

Many users discuss their experiences with bad network problems, so do some research for peace of mind.

  • Read the terms of purchase.

Yes, is the letra pequeña and, yes, It is very important.

Although it may be tired, is important to understand the terms and conditions of purchase, legal obligations and payment procedures.

The evitarás posibles sorpresas desagradables o problemas futuros.

  • Save a copy of the purchase and order confirmation pages.

Something very important that we have, if necessary by having to make a claim.

  • To pay.

See what are the payment methods available to the web and use the one that best suits your needs.

In this post you have The most popular means of online payment to buy safely online.

  • Beware of spam.

Through spam you can get great deals on vacation packages ... and much malware that cybercriminals use to enter into your computer. In not rely.

The times, when you click on a spam message, estás descargándote en tu ordenador programas espía que darán información sensible a los hackers.

  • Make sure your antivirus software and equipment you use to perform the operation this updated.

Are Security Operations and of great importance to transact with our teams.

  • Always use strong passwords.

It is always very important to use strong passwords, in this case, also reminds.


3.- To enjoy

Once you've planned your trip from the comfort of your home with help of Internet, Safely, comparing prices and taking note of the opinions of other users, solo te queda preparar la maleta y a disfrutar de tus merecidas vacaciones.

Would you like to add some more key? You know in the comments section..
And if these keys'm useful, Animate the compartirlo.

"Success is getting what you want. Happiness, enjoying what you get "


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