postales navideñas online o tradicionales

50 Posts to compliment traditional or digital??

Estamos inmersos en la Christmas, a time full of emotions and good wishes, y en esta época, Christmas cards son unas piezas importantes para esta celebración, turn to them to congratulate people who are away but we want to sit near us these days, o cuando enviamos un regalo navideño y queremos acompañarlo con una tarjeta de navidad en la que dejamos un mensaje cargado de buenos sentimientos y deseos.

Hace unas décadas cuando la era digital, Internet y los smartphones eran unos gran desconocidos, christmas to get many people chose to buy in a bookstore a beautiful Christmas card, write in it a nice personalized message with many desires, meterla en un sobre ponerle un sello y dejarla en un buzón de Correos para que llegara a su destinatario.

It must be said that there is still people who prefer to continue that tradition, pero cada día más gente opta por enviar una postal de navidad en formato digital, and sms, o un whapsaap, options that have been growing thanks to new technologies.

Sea cual sea la manera que se utilice para enviar las Tarjetas Navideñas, what if it lasts over time, is that we are sending (varying amount) Christmas cards with our best wishes.

On the Internet we have many options and ideas about the Christmas cards, paginas Web que nos indican paso a paso como hacer una postal de navidad original si te gustan las manualidades, and if you do not have time to get to work and create your own home designs, tenemos páginas Web que nos dan la opción de imprimir hermosas tarjetas de navidad.

Se puede encontrar también muchas páginas Web dedicadas al envío de tarjetas virtuales con diferentes motivos, Funny and original animated graphics, and as, have many applications for smartphones, where we can create and send Christmas greetings.

Send and receive Christmas cards, y si llegan por correo electrónico, must take a little care, no emocionarnos mucho y antes de abrir esa tarjeta de navidad digital que esta en nuestro email, we must first analyze the antivirus before downloading, On many occasions,, este tipo de felicitaciones o tarjetas electrónicas, suponen un riesgo añadido a la seguridad de nuestros equipos, because they may contain a malware, either from downloading attachments, manipulated or through websites to which we directed to click on a link from the supposed viewing card should.

Whatever method you use to send your Christmas greetings, I leave 50 congratulations messages for Christmas, that despite the new technologies and the Internet, messages remain the heart of the Christmas cards ...

1. The facades of tiny colored dress sparkles and indoors, rests a tree full of hope and gifts. Thinking of you these days my heart smile and I want you to spend a happy Christmas.

2. The cold of winter has arrived, but also heat from fireplaces and Christmas cheer. By this time I ask only one thing: Want to be my gift?

3. Christmas Food mother knows, Huelén the roasted nuts, to shortcakes and anise. We look with white lights, red, green and gold. We softens with the smile of a child. Everything good Christmas into your homes. Happy Holidays!

4. Tonight, looking skyward and begins to count the stars ... those are the cards that I sent you.

5. Christmas is a time to share and to make our dreams come true, the magic of these dates will accompany.

6. For this Christmas: that the love of your loved ones accompany you. Happy Holidays!

7. May these festivals bring you sweet sensations, good gifts and no hangover. Merry Christmas!

8. At the heart of the peace and harmony of Christmas feels. The streets are filled with carols, and household gifts and love. All the best for these intimate dates.

9. May your dreams be drawn into your life like frost crystals decorating these days. Merry Christmas!

10. For this Christmas I ask only one thing: your company is the most precious gift to me.

11. Smile! Well with your smile light up the world. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

12. If you do not know what to give, put a red bow and kiss me. Sure be right!

13. Christmas, instructions: No caroling while one eats polvorón, be cautious about Anise, socks are not a good gift, eat three times thinking that in January we will head to the gym is not realistic, much love to give yours and buy me a cup. Happy Holidays!

14. This holiday season I wish you precious memories, thousands of hugs and the company of your family and friends. Merry Christmas!

15. Christmas Recipe: Family, people, A good champagne and enjoy!

16. Your affection for Christmas is the recipe for my happiness.

17. Christmas without your company is like bread with bread, soda and baseless.

18. To me you're how the star that crowns the Christmas tree, Bright and essential.

19. At Christmas toast to what was, what, and what will be.

20. The best of these dates is your company, Also remember this the rest of the year. Merry Christmas!

21. "Merry Christmas May you and all those who accompany you spend a happy Christmas Eve"

22- Merry Christmas! Christmas wish is the beginning of a year full of successes!

23. "You're someone very special to me and for that I sincerely hope that you enjoy immensely merry christmas".

24. Best wishes for love, peace and happiness, we wish you a happy and prosperous New Year. And much peace and joy this Christmas.

25. May the spirit of Christmas invading your heart and your family, because only then can you have a happy Christmas Eve.

26- That love reborn The Holidays, peace and light of hope! Receive this card with our sincere wishes for prosperity in every way and keep our friendship forever. Merry Christmas.

27- I thought many things to write in this post, but in the end I want to say is that I am very happy to have you as a friend and hope that we can remain friends many more Christmases. Feliz Navidad y próspero año nuevo.

28- Because you're one of the most important people in my life, desire to spend one Christmas full of happiness.

29- May this Christmas be a night of love and happiness for you and those accompanying you.

30- This gives good night love and joy to yours. You spend a happy Christmas, It is my sincere wish for you.

31- The most dear friends, con el deseo de que esta Noche Buena sea tan sólo el comienzo de un nuevo año pleno de éxitos.

32- I wanna make you my best wishes for you this week good, that the spirit of Christmas bring you much happiness.

33- I could not help but say hello on this date, though it does not talk much. I sincerely hope you spend a happy Christmas with your loved ones.

34- While you're away and you will not see much time, My greatest wish is that you spend a happy Christmas, with good company.

35-I gift this Christmas card because I want my wishes endure over time. I wish you an unforgettable Christmas Heart.

36- The phrases may seem all the same, but good wishes are sincere. A big hug. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

37- That love enlighten your life and bring you beautiful Christmas memories of shared family life. Merry Christmas!

38- The New Year is a book of 365 blank pages ... Make each day a masterpiece, uses all the colors of life and smiles as you type.

39- Let the Christmas spirit ronde your home and harbors a in the heart of every member of your family. You spend a great good night.

40- I wish these words into a warm embrace to make you feel me with you this Christmas.

41- Deseo que en el nuevo año tus días estén llenos de sueños por cumplir y tus noches llenas de satisfacción por las metas conseguidas.

42- This Christmas wish not stop dreaming, do not stop believing and do not forget to enjoy.

43- Style with simplicity: this Christmas awaken in us peace and brotherhood, with the thought that they can fix all the problems.

44- Espero que el nuevo año te traiga todo lo que quieras, but more importantly, I'd give you the time to enjoy all that it has brought you.

45- Happy, Merry Christmas, which means that we remember from our childhood illusions, Grandpa will remember the joys of his youth, and will transport the visitor to your fireplace and your sweet home!

46- For the good times, gratitude. For bad, much hope.
For every day, one always ilusión.Y, always, happiness. Esto es lo que te deseo para el nuevo año.

47- Merry Christmas and prosperous new year, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 if the crisis continues, this is mi ultimo SMS navidad, save this message for future years.

48- Tonight is Christmas Eve and tomorrow God will,enjoy life now,do not let amargar.Ande,ande,ande,we have made good,Hooker with crisis we get anythin.

49- May you never lack a dream to fight, a project to make, something to learn, somewhere to go and someone to love. Merry Christmas.

50- Hope your routine becomes surprise, the anger into smiles and sorrows in hopes, flag is your love and kisses your language. Happy New Year!.


Y para finalizar, una que me encanta:

“I will honor Christmas in my heart and I will try to keep it all year”
(Charles Dickens)


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    • Por supuesto Erika, puedes elegir la frase o frases que te parezcan más adecuadas, y utilizarlas, para eso están aquí.
      Si no encuentras la adecuada, you know, echa mano de tu imaginación y modifícalas para que sean más amenas y divertidas.
      En definitiva lo importante es trasladar nuestros mejores deseos y compartir un estado de ánimo que se hace más visible en estas fiestas.
      A kiss!

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