Buenas prácticas para el mantenimiento del PC

5 Buenas prácticas para el mantenimiento del PC

If your computer already has a time with us, es normal que no funcione as the first day. En él vamos almacenando datos, instalando y desinstalando aplicaciones y comprobamos que ya no funciona tan rápido como cuando lo compramos, even if the latest model in the market at that time.

It takes more time to boot, applications are slow, temporarily hangs, these are some of the most common symptoms you start noticing.

Our computer needs a minimal maintenance so it will not slow down, para mantenerlo lo más ágil y rápido posible.

East minimal maintenance esta formado por una serie de buenas prácticas que nosotros mismos podemos realizar.

1.- Scan your computer with antivirus regularly.

If some malware had infected your computer, this official slower than normal, you know, passes and removes antivirus if any all malwares.

2.- Cuando necesitéis descargaros un programa de Internet, intenta bajarlo siempre que se pueda de la página oficial de la aplicación, as there are websites such as Softonic, Tucows, etc., you create your own installers and introduce their bars and other little programs that only slow computers.
In this link you can learn more about the Navigation bar on Toolbars.

3.- Si usas el OS Windows, check your desktop, sometimes on the desktop have many applications, programs, records, Photos, documents, etc.…

Si son más de 10 records, al iniciar Windows, it might slow the onset, for that move all those files to a new folder or moving to other parts ordered, Documents such as, Images ...

4.- Uninstall everything you do not need.
At the end we always end up taking the computer programs that are not used.

In the Start menu> Control Panel> The Add Remove Programs.

Select the program and click uninstall or remove.

5.- Make a clean.

Es recomendable que te instales el programa CCleaner y lo pases de vez en cuando.
Is a free software that helps to eliminate unnecessary temporary files from your PC. It also helps delete all the files on our computer that remain on your hard drive even after you uninstall a software.

Lo puedes descargar de aquí: http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/download

Once downloaded, you just have to launch the installer and select your installation language, well as accepting the license agreement.

En este enlace se encuentra una pequeña guìa de como
use CCleaner. ➡ como usar CCleanerConsejos para el buen mantenimiento del PC

“Maintaining peace begins with each individual's self-satisfaction.” (Dalai Lama)


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