que son los doodles

Curious doodles Google

Possibly use as seeker a Google, si es así habrás visto un dibujo que decora en ocasiones la página de este buscador tan famoso y usado.

Today we have this:que son los doodles

You think this page has changed??, Is it not the same?, o ¿qué es esto que sale en esta página?, for nothing that Google fun changing the corporate logo occasionally, using doodles.

Doodle is a word of English, translated into Spanish that mean “Doodle ", doodle though they have nothing, as they are artistic and spectacular drawings.

Doodles are the decorative changes Google logo, you can see that always appear Google lyrics.

Google pone doodles desde 1988 para conmemorar festividades y aniversarios, the lives of famous artists and scientists. Doodles team has created more than 1.000 Google doodles for internationally.

Google ya felicitó ayer la Christmas another drawing, a lighted and decorated and cars traveling city bearing gifts. que son los doodles de google

The day, the protagonist was Santa's sleigh pulled by reindeer.

Google wants users to conduct searches are fun, in the case of doodle todaydoodle de google 24/42/2013, Google also dedicates his doodle to Navity and wish Happy Holidays to Internet.

Si haces Clicking on the doodle sends you to a search for Felicis holiday, a widely used expression in estday.

So is the Internet giant Google, very active this month with their doodles, for users to perform a more enjoyable and fun searches.

Surely we will see el ready next doodle.

Si queréis ver los doodles que ha usado Google en estos años podéis verlos en esta página http://www.google.com/doodles/finder/2013/All%20doodles

“Work done with taste and love, is always an original and unique creation.”

(Roberto Sapriz)

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