Cómo poner tu firma en los emails

Guide: Adding your signature to emails that you send

Insertar nuestra firma al pié de cada email que enviamos le dará un aspecto más profesional a nuestros envíos ya que podremos completarlos con nuestros datos de contacto, phone, address, social networks, etc.…

And if we have a website, we can also insert a link to it, in our firm in the emails we send, and receivers may gather more information about who sent you the email.

¿Formal Custom Signature or default?

  • One option is to perform a formal predetermined firm, where we can provide our data as: Name, address, phone, link to our website or blog if you have, and links to our social networks.
  • Another option is to perform an more personalized default signature, donde podremos incluir un logo o foto acompañada de un título como puede ser tu nombre o el nombre de tu empresa, and includes links to your website, a tu blog, include phone number and add icons linked to networks that redirect to Facebook, Twitter, Google , YouTube, Linkedin, and other data we want.

How to compile a default signature Formal?

como se hace una firma predeterminada formalSo you do not have to be putting a signature at the end of your message, every time you send an email, la mayoría de webs de correos electrónicos ya sean Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook (antiguo Hotmail) give you the ability to add a default signature to appear on all emails that you send.

Outlook for mail, follow these steps to add your email signature:

  • Login with your Outlook account
  • Once inside, you must go to the upper right of the screen and click the icon "gear" configuración
  • En la ventana que aparece pulsamos en “Opciones”.

A number of options will be displayed, una de ellas es Escribir correo electrónico

  • Presionamos sobre Formato, source and signature

then we can create our signature with the data we want.

  • Once we finished adding all we want, presionamos en “Guardar”

On every time you send an email with your Outlook account that the text appears just added.

Gmail for mail, follow these steps to add your email signature:

  • Access your Gmail account

If you have multiple accounts, you can do it for all of them, can create different signatures for each, depending on how you use it.

  • At the top right of the screen, click onconfiguración and several options are displayed.

Selecciona la opción ‘Configuración’.

  • Once you have opened the Settings page, you appear multiple tabs. Selecciona la pestaña ‘General’, that appears first.

You'll see a long list of options that you can edit your account settings appears. Una de ellas será ‘Firma’.

  • Write your signature

Write in the space what you need . No olvides hacer clic en el botón ‘Guardar cambios’, that appears at the bottom of the screen in which you find yourself.
From now, what you have written will appear at the end of every email you send, without you having to bother writing it again and again.

For Yahoo Mail! follow these steps to add your email signature:

  • Open your Yahoo Mail account!.
  • Haz clic en la flecha a la derecha de Opciones (right top of the screen) y selecciona Opciones de correo.
  • Click “Signature” in the left column
  • Select “Display my signature on all outgoing messages”

Escribe el texto que quieras que aparezca al final de tus emails y dale clic a Guardar cambios.

como se hace una firma predeterminada personalizada

How to develop a custom default signature?

To personalize our firm I refer you to two options:

1.- Accede a http://www.firmasdecorreo.com/ a website that allows you to generate a custom signature.

  • We will choose the template with the signature pattern that we like: logo and text to the right or below logo and text. (It is also possible not to be less logo but visually striking).
  • Click "Browse" to load the image of our logo. Read the instructions on the website tells you the format of the image, is important to correctly display.
  • Filled them contact information you want. No need to put them all if you want. Only that you think should appear in your signature.
  • You also have a choice palette of your signature, the font and if you want some more design option. When finished, click "Generate preview my signature".

A new screen where you can see how we have left our firm appears. What convinces you in? Pues hacemos click en “No me acaba de convencer quiero retocarla“. Si te parece perfecta continuamos dando a “¡Perfecto, go forward!“. And two files you can download to your PC or MAC to generate signature.

The HTML file that you can download, If you have not installed any HTML editor you can open the file with notepad and copy the HTML code selection.
Generally for the vast majority of email servers use the file in HTML.

Then you just have to go to your email options and find the option to include a signature in Outlook HTML.En have the option to create the default signature in HTML format, something that does not have Gmail or Yahoo! .

2.- A tool that lets you create custom signature that very easily, incluyendo la información que consideres oportuna es wisestamp.

Accede a http://www.wisestamp.com Create your signature click (have to create a user)

  • Add your details to the right and you'll have a preview on how you're running your signature.
  • Add the image you want to accompany your signature.
  • Includes all your social networks. Will be added as icons linked. Just select the network you want to include and put the URL that takes you to this network. RSS allows you to put your last post.
  • Settings. Make sure you have enabled the firm to your mail Settings. You can make what you want your email signature and even make different signatures for different mail accounts.
  • Begin your signature and edit it at any time.
  • como añadir tu firmaWiseStamp you install an icon on the browser you use.
  • From here anytime we can access and edit signature. Once all these steps automatically when you click on "Compose" a message, insert the signature program, without our having to do anything else.


“Forward, you have no excuse to have your own signature”


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