Cómo organizar el Correo Outlook.com

You may receive many emails a day , and clear in the inbox you have a lot, but you're expecting one special and very important among many is difficult to locate. Many notices of Social Networks, Facebook, Twiter….., because you have many friends on social networks and they are very active, receive many notifications of their states, Off, publications, etc.…

Como organizar el correoFor those who use Outlook.com, making three simple actions ( in a while) They get to have the inbox of your email more organized.

And if it's not your case, tú receive emails potions, You can also put them in order , because if they are organized will always be better.

Como organizar el correo electronico

1.- You can create New Folders and in them you can sort the emails you receive, eg create a folder as Notifications Facebook, wherein accept service of this social network, another as Work or Study Subjects, for these purposes, the Blogs I follow receive notifications of new blog entries that follow.

You can create folders that you need, and so they have emails organized by topic.

To create a New Folder in Outlook, first you open your account in Outlook, and on the left side (as you see in the image ) you just have to click New Folder, and set a name, that easy.

Then I comment as rules are created so that you receive emails go directly to the folder that you want.

Outlook can also manually move emails to new folders created, After receiving one can be dragged with the mouse to the desired folder, especially if they are important messages you want to keep, but you need not see at the time.

But if there are many better than directly to the folder that is assigned.


2.- Another simple action will rule sets that tell Outlook to move an email to a folder specified at the time it is received.

Click the icon Options and then Advanced mail settings.

In Customizing Outlook, click Rules for sorting new messages and then New and proceed to edit the rule you want.

ordenar el correo entrante

In Step 1:

In the first list, selected return address

In the second list, selected ends

In the third list, you can put as in the previous image @facebookmail.com

In Step 2, do one of the following:

If the folder already exists, selected Mover a and select the folder from the list.

If the folder does not exist, selected Move to new folder and specifies the name of the folder.

In the case of the previous image, this rule is configured so that the emails you receive with Facebook notifications are sent to the Facebook Notifications folder that already had established.

This is an example to configure a rule, according to the emails you receive you can set different rules for each type of email you receive.


3.- The last action will use the instant action we offer Outlook.com.

  • Choose an e-mail and click on the action icon Spam, Bookmarking to a sender as safe and delete the message.

This action is typically used primarily with advertising emails we sometimes overflowing inbox.

  • You can use Clean to move all emails from a senderLimpiar el correo electronico specific to a folder. Select a message from a specific sender in the inbox, click or click Clean and then Move all of. On the next screen, select the folder you want to move messages. You can also choose New Folder if you want to create a new folder for these messages. Check the box Future messages also move for new email messages arriving from the sender automatically move to that folder.

“One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting new discoveries.”

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