informacion sobre las cookies

Conoces la Ley de Cookies


Possibly browsing different pages, te has encontrado con paneles parecidos a estos en las Webs que visitas (normally in the bottom of the page) messages about the use of cookies…………………….

informacion sobre las cookies

informacion sobre la ley de cookies

informacion sobre ley de cookies

This is because la ley de cookies, that is not new (already been in force for over a year) since 1 April 2012, there are regulations on the treatment of cookies on websites, that is included in the legislation on advertising and e-commerce.

This legislation requires website owners to report clearly the type of cookies used, implementations and techniques necessary for the user to have the power of decision accept the use of cookies while browsing on the website.

Cookies are not prohibited, are regulated, so at the time of the visit to a Web, we can accept the use of cookies and continue browsing on the Web, or not to accept them and not visit the website in question.

A cookie is a small file that is stored on the hard drive Web pages that users visit.

They are primarily used by Web sites to learn the preferences of user navigation within its pages.


Actually, Cookies are data only, then can not erase or read information from users' computers.

Cookies can detect the pages visited by a user at a given site or set of sites.


This information may be collected in a user profile. These profiles are typically anonymous, namely, do not contain personal information (name, address, etc.). In fact, can not contain, unless the user has communicated itself to one of the sites visited.


There are different types of cookies, which can be classified according to their purpose for obtaining information about the user:

  • Cookies techniques: Are you FOR PRESENTATION resultan essential to allow the user to navigate through a web page, eg, you can store the data in an order online, when we make a purchase online.
  • Cookies Customization: This type allows you to customize features or contents of the Web site based on data from the browser. Through these cookies you can submit a website in the language of the browser used to visit the Web.
  • Cookies analyzes: Are used for statistical purposes only.
  • Behavioral advertising advertising and Cookies: They are those that aim to improve the effectiveness of advertising space.

The law affects all professionals or companies providing services in Spain, and these regulations are applicable to Web sites that use different types of cookies previously seen, except for Cookies techniques.


Of course, if we visited the Web, we are not obliged to these cookies remain on your hard, with the information of what we have done in that particular Web, and is within our grasp the ability to delete cookies and clear all that information from our computer.

More information to delete cookies depending on the browser you use, have it in these links:




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