pasos para verificar una tienda online de confianza

Steps to check if an online store is trustworthy

Undoubtedly, Internet shopping today are setting trends, we are increasingly users who acquire products or services on this route.

Valoramos aspectos a la hora de decidirnos a comprar por Internet como la comodidad, la inexistencia de horarios y la posibilidad de encontrar mejores precios, pero se nos pueden presentar ciertas dudas sobre la seguridad y la confianza de la tienda online en la que vamos a adquirir ese producto o servicio.

Para aumentar las probabilidades de que nuestra compra sea exitosa y aprovechar todas las ventajas que nos ofrecen las compras por Internet de safely, es muy conveniente realizar una serie de comprobaciones antes de comprar, checking with them the security and confidence Store online.

Search Information

When we bought for the first time in an online store or do not have much experience in shopping online, lo primero que debemos hacer es comprobar que la tienda online en la que queremos comprar es legítima.

On The Internet se puede encontrar mucha información on that particular store online, plus we can be useful opinions we find in user forums or if the store has a user rating system, in it we can see the opinions of the customers who have already bought in the store.

Another option for more information is to ask your friends or relatives who advise us on stores they already know, where they have had positive results.

Information content website online Store

The website of the online store must contain information such as:

  • An email address
  • A contact form
  • A telephone number
  • The physical address of the company that manages the store online
  • The legislation that is based on the event that a dispute occurs
  • Privacy Policy and Terms of

Find this information so accessible at an online store is a sign that the online store is a formal business.
What is also important is that the online store available a service customer who can go to for help in case we have any problems with our purchase.

Check the online store uses secure communications

We check before buying process, in the address bar of the browser, URL of the online store, starts with https, so we know that the data we introduce at the time of purchase is transmitted encrypted and can not be intercepted by anyone to use them illegally.

Additional checks

The online stores have various certification systems or trust mark online, that allow us to recognize that an online store is trustworthy.

Although this is not mandatory, these stamps we confirm that the store has overcome a series of tests necessary to get the seal, and meets safety standards, quality and transparency in the treatment of our data and proper protection, or the management of purchases and returns, inter alia.

There are various stamps of this type, eg:

verificando una tienda onlineOnline Confidence
The seal of online trust is the most widespread is in Spain. To achieve the Web site must undergo an audit process, and if successful sale of this is granted the trust mark online.



verificar una tienda onlineTrusted shops
It is a seal of quality for online stores with large presence in Europe and act as an intermediary and ensuring guarantees for the customer and the valuation of the buying process that can show trade.



sellos de confianza de tienda onlineEkomi
A feedback system for trade with which you can show the real opinions by eKomi customer certified to have been carried out shopping in the store online.



certificación de confianzaAENOR
AENOR certification is granted after a certification process, for goods and services.



And the last and most important step: una buena dosis de sentido común y tu compra online será satisfactoria.

Do you check the security and confidence of the online store before making a purchase?
If you think, cuéntanos tu experiencia a la hora de realizar una compra online ¿verificas alguna cosa más?

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  1. A los comercios online les interesa quedar bien con los clientes para fomentar el boca boca. Así que lo más normal es que esté muy extendido la buena atención al cliente, y ésto se refleje en los comercios online. Por ejemplo en , quieren quedar tan bien con el cliente que hasta venden al fiado.

    • Estoy de acuerdo contigo Miguel, el boca a boca es muy importante para un comercio sea online o físico, y además es algo que para los clientes nos viene muy bien para poder tener referencias sobre ese comercio.
      Lo de “vender al fiado” es algo que no oía hace muchísimo, ¿les resultará una buena estrategia de marketing online?
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