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The most popular means of online payment to buy safely online

Although it may seem otherwise increasingly buy more online. Experts insist that pay through the Internet is safe and secure, even more than give the card to an employee in an establishment. But shopping online has its risks, to hold ourselves to fool.
The risks we run when making an online purchase, are usually due to ignorance, but if you have enough information, and you follow a few tips (10 Tips for shopping online), You can make purchases in a safe and satisfactory manner.



Understandably, the unknown generates distrust, and greater confidence when making an online purchase we have to make payment that purchase.

Hence, hoy te indico different forms of online payment world, and with more confidence and knowledge, You can use the one that best suits your needs:


como pagar con paypal en internetTPV virtual (credit card)

The credit card is one of the methods most widely used electronic payment.

When you shop online by credit card we will indicate the card number, expiration date, security code (CVV) contained in the back of the card and the cardholder's name ( never we ask our PIN associated with the card).

To pay by credit card in a store, this must have a payment gateway. Thus, Store connect with your bank and it is to him that you will give your details. Thus there is no danger that store such data retain them for fraud.
We can distinguish two types of payment card via virtual POS: traditional, you pay by credit card or debit card and TPVs 3D Secure where payment is made by direct telecommunications link with our bank asking us a special key for online purchases that you will have previously requested to operate in any e-commerce.

pagos seguros con tarjetaThe latter is the new payment method developed by Visa and Mastercard, that allows to make secure purchases online and authenticates the buyer as the legitimate holder of the card you are using.
To use a secret key that our bank will provide us needed. Thus it becomes impossible to fraud on the network and ensures full security of transactions.

The process to make a payment is simple:
1- When the payment method is chosen by credit card will be asked for the number and the expiration date of our card.
2- At that time a screen will pop up in which the bank will ask for your secret key. Subsequently secure server, bank, gives confirmation that everything is correct.



The credit card It is a very convenient means of payment and very fast, but also has an important advantage for the buyer, if we are not satisfied with the quality of the product or service received we can claim to the issuing entity as our Visa card, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, etc.. and we will return the amount of the purchase.
If you use a medium that you can also take into account these Tips for safe online transactions.



cuales son los medios de pago onlineSpecialized in electronic payment platforms

Within this type of platforms, the most used and the method become one of most forms of payment online to send and receive payments securely over the Internet is PayPal.

On these platforms, as PayPal the user creates an account, introduces money in that account by bank transfer or credit card, and from there you will make payments to consume the balance. You can learn how to open a PayPal account here.

The advantage is that all data must not enter each time you want to make a payment, although we buy in different stores.
Thus we use a secure server and also the seller does not know our data, only know the email that we have associated with the service.
As always, for the system to be useful, stores must enable this payment method.

Google Wallet
This online payment system was created by Google, formerly called Google Checkout. Google uses it mainly for users to pay their service.
Two examples of services that can be paid through Google Wallet are offered Google Play Music, books, movies, applications and games for smartphones, y Google Voice, that allows voice calls over Internet.

If you have a Google or Gmail account, You can use it to log into Google Wallet, and if not you should open a new. After, all you have to do is verify the account and add a credit card.

Despite being a payment system offered by one of the largest companies in the world, is still restricted in many aspects: does not support all smartphones, shipments of products purchased on Google Play are limited to many sites, the credit card must match the shipping country, etc..

Amazon Payments
Launched by another large company such as Amazon.
The operation is the same as PayPal, once you have given yourself high in the payment system, verify your account and add a bank account and / or credit card that is associated with your Amazon account to pay.

Once logged in with your username and password, You can pay for goods or services associated with Amazon establishments that are available on its Web.
The shopping list is extensive and includes different product lines: Electronic, jewelry, home and garden, pet, flowers, sports, health, games.

As with PayPal you can also send and receive money with Amazon WebPay through transfer or gift certificate to buy at Amazon. Can use this service only users with mobile number in the U.S.. Its use is predominant in the United States.

cuales son los medios de pago onlineVirtual Cards

They are cards that should apply to a bank that offers, issues a number to be entered at checkout, as if it were a normal card. The advantage of these cards is that they must be pre-loaded from a traditional card or account, an amount to be used.

It is a more secure because you can only allocate expenditure to the virtual card if it has a charged amount less than under perform, and these cards can be loaded and unloaded at any time. So, if the card is zero, could not allocate any expenses.
This service is free and does not produce physical plastic cards, but simply an identity that masks your real data. This encourages people to acquire them for specific purchases.

There are different models:

  • Prepaid cards that limit the balance of the card and, therefore, not pose a great loss if used improperly.
  • Cards that expire after a few days, where money does not come out of your account until you make the purchase.



cuales son los medios de pago onlineMobile payments

Another way to avoid giving bank details is paid from the Mobile phone.
The system works this way, the user is enlisted in the company that manages payments giving a bank account or credit card and mobile phone number, the company provides a secret key, when the user wants to make a purchase from an online store system calls you telling you purchase the mobile to be performed, if the user agrees to enter the secret key on the mobile and the purchase is authorized.

The purchase can only be made from this system partner stores.
The security of this system is based on two aspects, first the key communicates through the mobile telephony network, through the Internet, so it is very difficult to be able to intercept the call and Second, if someone does not steal the secret key would be useless but also stole mobile phone, since this would require you to confirm your purchase. It is considered unlikely that both things happen, provided that the secret key is not recorded in the book of the mobile phone.

Furthermore, the use of mobile phones can also be protected by the key SIM card, thus should be released two secret keys, the SIM card and payment system.

cuales son los medios de pago onlineContrarrembolso

As you will know, the COD is paid when the goods are received at home. This is a system that is well suited to the Internet and the buyer only have to give your name and address, without having to provide bank details. With this system you make sure you get it before you pay package, which is as important. Although no one guarantees that the contents of the package is expected.
The main disadvantage of COD payment in online shopping for the buyer are commissions that carry the associated COD payments.

cuales son los medios de pago onlineDebit

Direct debit is the payment method less common. As we facilitate clients to trade, bank account number so that he turn us collect at specified intervals. The main drawback is that the bank may charge us a fee for each periodic transfer.

cuales son los medios de pago onlineBank Transfer

The trade gives the user a bank account where the client must make a transfer to be managed your order
It is a means that first requires that we transfer to shop online, and until it is Studied and informed to Store, not send us product purchased. In addition, the bank may charge us a fee for each periodic transfer.

cuales son los medios de pago onlineSending Cheques

You can send a bank check to the online store for the amount of purchase. This system is rarely used and not very safe due to the possibility that the check is lost along the way.

cuales son los medios de pago onlineSending cash

This system is not recommended as it can use that money does not reach its destination, also is prohibited in many countries send money banknotes.

Once these payment schemes and used What is your preferred payment method? What gives you more confidence?

“What is done in haste is never done well; Obbard always quiet and calm.

(St. Francis of Sales)


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