que es el showrooming

Have you ever done Showrooming?

Here is another term that is being used more and more in the Red,

el Showrooming.

Read on to see if you have ever done, and you can consider un Shoroomer.

Internet shopping have increased significantly, every day there are more platforms where to find all types of products, and among consumers is born a new way to buy these products.


He was born a new buyer profile: el Shoroomer.

This looks and tastes like a consumer product in a physical store to stop buying it in a virtual store on the Internet.

The “showroomers” are very sophisticated consumers whose intention is not always “deceive” to the shop, since initially intend to buy a product in it.

This type of consumer visits the store to learn more about the product and compare prices. Later, conducts its online shopping because they find better prices and / or you are more comfortable, you can buy at any time of day and with the possibility of take home directly.

It also happens that these consumers scan with their smartphones products from the same store, and buy through mobile apps.

How damaging the Showrooming is that it represents a loss of income to the owners of the physical stores, who spend money on having local, Employee, and products on display, while sellers online, without investing in any of that, remain with the sale.

Take then the price difference is great sometimes, and we all want to look our pockets. But we must never forget that the prices of the physical stores are more expensive precisely because all investment entails keep.

But like all phenomena, this also has its counterpart and has already been named to Theebrooming.

Namely, the consumer makes a thorough inquiry about a product on the Internet and finally make a purchase in a physical store.


What is really important and valuable it is:

“That every human being is capable of thinking ,think and act differently.”

Have you ever done Showrooming or Webrooming?

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