Cómo abrir una cuenta en PayPal

If you're going to make or perform online shopping, is very interesting to a PayPal account, a form Secure purchase, increasingly common among online consumers.

PayPal is a virtual wallet that you can use to make your payments via the Internet without having to enter your bank details on each platform or ecommerce you use to make your purchases.

With an account PayPal will spend part of the more than 150 million people who use a PayPal account in the world, since it was originally created in 1998.

pasos para abrir una cuenta en PayPalPayPal is not a bank and neither can be said to be a financial intermediary to use. Es más bien un sistema de pagos y cobros. And as such should use.

They have the confidence of a large number of users and experience 15 years old, which is an eternity in Internet.

When compres por Internet, with a PayPal account, do not have to give your bank information online.

You give PayPal data to a bank account, a debit card or a debit card to which to associate your payments, this information never see the other side.

For other, give yourself a Paypal account (which is an email) and every time you want to buy something on the Internet, PayPal paga por ti y luego te lo carga a tu medio de pago asociado.

  • To use Paypal first you have to register.
  • Sign in or buying PayPal PayPal is free.
  • Por pagar, Paypal does not charge the buying, but the seller.

Steps to take to open a PayPal account

Puedes usar una cuenta PayPal como medio de pago para tus compras en Internet o si estás pensando en montar un negocio online y quieres crear una tienda en Internet.

Sentence and www.paypal.com and press the "Create Account".

Choose your region and language.

como abrir una cuenta en PayPal

You can choose to create PayPal account for individual and PayPal Enterprise.

In this case I'm going to follow the steps for individuals, although the process will be similar to the case of companies.

In the case of Spain, Account opening is made through PayPal RCS. Luxembourg, credit institution which is operated for account openings in Europe.

Ncomo abrir una cuenta en Paypalecesitas una dirección de correo electrónico y tras rellenar una serie de datos personales ya tienes abierta tu cuenta en PayPal, which is identified with the email account informed.

Once inside PayPal account, have the opportunity to inform the bank details (cuenta o tarjeta) you want to associate the account.

Seleccionado el medio de pago vinculado, just need to proceed to confirm and verify.

PayPal will make a small fertilizer (cents) on the card or bank account you have associated, once you visualize in your account or card, have to report that you received, is done by sending an email like Paypal, account and remain fully operational.

You have your count PayPal, when you make an online purchase, if you have the possibility to pay by PayPal (almost 100% e-commerce using PayPal) you just have to give your email to create your account utilizases, PayPal and then you pay for what you charge to your payment method associated.

"Never buy anything you useless under the pretext that it is cheap."

(Thomas Jefferson)

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