que es un sitio web

For you, Internet websites are all?

A few days ago chatting to a friend, me dijo ” your website is very interesting, I really like”, very flattering to me much pleasure, but also to thank those words, le parts ” It's a Blog “ …………….“what is the difference, for my internet web pages are all” me pwnd.

Well you're right, Internet websites are all. Every day we sailed for many web pages that make websites.

But then, besides websites, We can move through the blogs for online tiendas.

What a mess!… web page,site, blog, Online Shop……………. No mess, for that this the language of the web, so my friend and people who wish to know the meaning of all these terms that are part of the language used in Internet.

que es una página webWhat is a Web page?

  • A web page is the document that is part of a site and usually have links (also known as Hyperlinks the links) to facilitate navigation between the content of this document.
  • The websites are developed with languages ​​such as, the HTML, that are interpreted by the Browsers, for us to see that page “Pretty” readable with images and colors, as you see this right now.
  • You can click on the page you're envisioning right mouse button and then "View Source" and you will see text that reads your browser (ya sea Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox u otro).

que es un sitio webWhat is a website?

  • In English website the web site, is comprised of various Web pages, for example: homepage, page who we are, contact page. Although it is commonly called is really a web page site.
  • The basic language of a website can be HTML, and Websites, y aquí también tu navegador lo interpretará para mostrarte el resultado de la programación de la misma.

When compared with a book, a site would be the entire book and web page that website would be a chapter of that book.

  • In a web site information is not changed frequently. Es común que tengan un espacio para noticias o un blog , but usually the information is quite static.
  • Updated when there is a new product catalog or a new service is provided.
  • In a web site, presentation is serious and formal, It is a place where products and services are presented.

que es un blogWhat is a blog?

  • A blog, also known as weblog, the daily blog, is a website that collects chronological texts or articles from one or more authors.
  • The blog name is based on logbooks, travel logs that were used on ships to report the development of travel and that kept in Blogs.
  • Usually, in each article, Readers can write comments and the author to answer, so it is possible to establish a dialogue.
  • He used the theme of each blog are particular, they are of a personal nature, journalistic, the corporate business, technological, educational, etc..
  • Blogs have also pages which, at first sight, are exactly the same as a post. The difference is in the content: fixed positions pages (a menu) nature and are much more static the posts. Examples would be the pages of this blog: “Sobre mí” o “Contacto”.
  • The information is located or is so Chronological, every so often (a, of the three times the week) salen nuevos posts (Tickets) displacing the previous post and become the current post.
  • El blog is more personthe, although it may be written in a serious language and moderate, always be closer to the user that a website.
  • Users can subscribe the blog and receive updates via email.

que es una tienda onlineWhat is an Online Store?

  • Tlso known as webshop or online store.
  • It is a website that allows trading as the purchase or sale between one or more users through Internet, in a nutshell: 're a site that allows us to sell to buy.
  • An online store has more web pages a web site, including one shopping cart, User registration, etc..



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