Todo sobre la nueva moneda virtual: PesetaCoin

PesetaCoin, Peseta has returned in the form of virtual currency

The new peseta again thanks to the Internet, It is of Spanish origin and is called PesetaCoin

Our beloved currency, peseta, coloquialmente conocida como “rubia” o “pela”, Spain ceased to circulate in the 28 February 2002 to give way to the Euro, but for many Spaniards still alive, until it reaches the final farewell in 2020, when the Bank of Spain to stop accepting.

Some small businesses still accept this coin as alternative payment, a warning to attract more customers and boost sales.

Web, sitios como ‘Gemelos a Peseta’, sell cufflinks made with pesetas and payment is also accepted with the same.

Y ahora la humilde peseta ha sido la inspiración para la PesetaCoin, una moneda virtual que ha sido desarrollada a partir del BitCoin y Litecoin.

La PesetaCoin es una nueva Criptomoneda over which they have no power nor banks nor governments, is a virtual currency; namely, You can not play like other bills but may be used as legal tender any, yes, without leaving the screen.

With this new currency may shop online, at sites where it is accepted as payment.

La empresa emisora y parte del proyecto Pesetacoin es Coomercia, based in Motril (Granada), whose website allows payment of a wide variety of products in this criptomoneda.


Commemorative Ticket

Unlike other virtual currencies, Pesetacoin ha decidido hacer física parte de su moneda mediante la emisión de un billete conmemorativo de edición limitada (1000 units).

The bill design was commissioned graphic designer Miguel Angel De Santiago, that drafted the bill for further worldwide spread.

Billete conmemorativo de la PesetaCoin

En el anverso se encuentra la imagen del Rey Felipe VI, references to the European Union and the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla. In this face, plus security watermarks, There is a laser hologram, dry embossed seal and the possibility of including a personalized QR condigo with any information; in this case, access' Wallet’ de ‘Pesetacoin’.

En el reverso, the foreground is for Cardinal Belluga, one of the most representative figures of Motril. There are references to the Alhambra in Granada and the Moorish past of the province of Granada with a series of glass mosaic, and also, includes a number of Chinese characters of great importance, where is the number 888 (lots of luck), plus several buenaventuras and good wishes.

Each official ticket value of a Pesetacoin accompanied by a current certificate of authenticity that confirms the validity of the.
La forma de conseguir el billete:

Precio : 9,95 € (gastos de envío incluídos)

Paypal : fernando@cihma.esTransferencia bancaria : ES14 3023 0001 8100 1072 4219

Directamente en: Calle Fundición, num.8, Zbitt Motril y Sport Motril, C.P. 18600 Motril (Granada).
De alguna u otra manera las criptomonedas formaran en el futuro parte de la vida cotidiana, will be used to pay for goods, services and also as a source of savings, así que no se te haga raro pagar la factura de la luz con PesetaCoins de aquí a unos años 😉


"Money can not buy happiness, but provides a feeling so similar, who needs a very advanced specialist to verify the difference "

(Woody Allen)

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