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The Internet Money concept has become fashionable

The new concept of Money on Internet, I mean the criptomonedas, Digital currencies, Virtual currencies, virtual money, electronic money, dinero online, has become very popular on the Net.

These designations refer to digital money which is only exchanged electronically, electronic currency created solely for use in Internet.

But What are virtual coins? son monedas, as the euro or the dollar, but do not depend on any financial institution, ni are issued by any central bank and used the Internet primarily. No assurance behind them a country (the countries) answer for them, nor are regulated. These features make the virtual coins are money very “greedy” circulate rapidly around the world without going through banks, no commissions or rules to follow.


The virtual currency serves as payment, both online environments, in games or on social networks, and off-line transactions, in real life.

The virtual currency can be bought in exchange platform using a conventional currency (euros, pounds, dollars ...). Then transferred to a custom account, that is the "digital wallet" or "virtual wallet". And from there you can use that money to pay to accept it, or convert a conventional currency.
The most famous virtual currency is the Bitcoin, if you want to know more about the Bitcoin click here.



El Bitcoin was released in 2009, being the most known and used currency, their popularity has increased considerably, have been many more virtual coins, trying to follow the steps of Bitcoin.

Powerful knight s don dinero, makes programmers worldwide are massively producing new digital currencies. Other options of virtual currencies in the network are : Litcoin, Peercoin, Ripple, Dragon, Terracoin, Namecoin, Tonal, Ixcoin, Devcoin, Freicoin, Iocoin,Liquidcoin…

At last count, a page that follows market developments, coinmarketcap.com identified 36 cryptographic currencies.

Virtual currencies, especially Bitcoin no longer serves only to cash transactions, furthermore used as feedback Investment, although it should be noted that buy, maintain or transact business with virtual currencies, carries some risks such as lack of regulation, or as the volatility of prices, because it may happen that when go out of fashion, the price would plummet dragging the money has been invested in them.

We will monitor these virtual currencies, to see if they are just a fad or developing well becoming the “future money”.

“Those who believe that money does it all, end up doing everything for money”


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