Tipos de extensiones de los archivos

Tipos de archivos y su utilidad

There are many files, y normalmente tenemos en nuestro ordenador varios. Nos puede ocurrir que alguna vez dudemos con qué program we are open or in the worst cases, no sabemos qué importantes son y qué hacer con ellos.

Para que eso no te ocurra te voy a indicar los diferentes tipos de archivos que existen y que programa podemos usar para abrir cada archivo.

Files are the basic units of storage to enable the computer to distinguish between the different sets of information.

While not always the case, a archive usually found in a format readable by users. Aún así, in a file are grouped instructions, numbers, words imagery in coherent units that the user can retrieve, change, remove, saved or sent to an output device.

Cada archivo lleva una extensión, which is a set of characters that are used to define the type or clarify its meaning.

The extension can be assigned by the user, eg MISFOTOS.LUNES (the file myslides we have put the extension MONDAY ) or may be imposed by the program that created the file is.

As such extensions OFFICE files are:

.txt : universal plain text or unformatted, fonts, sizes, colors…

.doc : Word processor.

.xls : Excel spreadsheet.

.xlm : Excel macro.

.xlt : Excel template.

.mdb : Database Access

.ppt : PowerPoint presentation.

.pot : plantilla PowerPoint.

.dot : plantilla Word

como ver un archivoThe file types are differentiated into two well defined types:

Executable, are those that have been programmed on any language specific for actions and routines themselves, and. EXE, .COM, .BAT,.DLL, …

Data, are those who are, mainly, contain data, and require a specific program or application to be opened.

Extensiones de audio

.CDA: digital audio track of a Cd Music. Clicking it launches the Windows CD Player.

.MID: MIDI music file (Interphase Digital Musical Instrument). The installation software most cards Sound has a module to play sound files. mid.

.MP3: low compressed audio file MPEG. It runs applications like Winamp, Xing MPEG Player o Real Player, inter alia.

.RA: Real Audio sound file. It runs the application Real Player.

.SND: sound sequence file. Windows will automatically run your application Rundll32.

.WAV: Windows sound wave, can be opened with Windows Sound Recorder.

Extensiones de video

.ASF, .LSF, .ASX: File streaming audio and video, opens with the player Multimedia de Windows.

.AVI: movie file video of Microsoft Windows. Opens with Windows Media Player.

.MPA, .M1V, .MPG, .MPE, .MPEG: compressed video file under rule MPEG. It runs with Windows Media Player, or commercial players such as Xing MPEG Player.

.IOC, .QT: video file in Quicktime format. It runs with the Quicktime Player application.

.RM, .RAM, .RV: Own video file format Real Video. Runs with Real Player.

.DiVX: DiVX video file format:) known as the MP3 of video as it allows very high levels of compression. A film that manages to occupy a DVD whole (up 7 GB), can be recorded on a CD-Rom common (of 700 MB) without losing calidad.

Extensiones de archivos comprimidos

.RAR: compacted file with WinRAR and removable application with the same, one of the two most popular file formats in compacted web (the other is. zip).

.ZIP: compacted file with the application WinZip Removable with this application. It is one of two file formats of the most popular compacted. The other is. Rar

Extensiones de imágenes

.BMP: bitmap file of Windows. Viewed with Microsoft Paint accessory or any viewer graphics, as ACDSee. Stock design application Corel Draw. It runs the same application.

.GIF: one of two file formats favorite web graphics (the other is. JPG). Like the tablet. JPG, but another system called LZW, patented by Unisys. It opens with any graphics viewer.

.ICO: file icon graphic. It is used by Windows to launch an application by clicking on it.

.PCX: graphics file created with PC Paintbrush, de Soft. It opens having this application installed on Windows.

.PIC: PC graphics file Paint. It runs with this application.

.PSD: bitmap file made with Adobe Photoshop. It runs with this application or a graphics viewer, como ACDSee.

.TGA: Stock HD graphics made with video card professional Targa. Viewable with Adobe Photoshop on a graph viewer.

.WMF: sigla de Windows Metafile. Files that contain descriptive information regarding a graphics file. It is the format used by the Microsoft image galleries Office. They can be seen with a graphics viewer or converted to other formats with Hijaak Pro graphics application.

Extensiones de Texto

.TXT: plain text file, no graphics. Opened with any text editor, Free Notepad, de Windows.

.NFO: plain text file often included as description the content of a compacted file. zip. Viewed with any text editor.

.HTML / .HTM: Hypertext file, used for publishing content on the Web. It is a standard used by major Browsers the Internet. Used to open these files: Internet Explorer y Navigator.

.DIC: dictionary for processors textual. It consists of plain text and as such is opened with any word processor.

.DOC: text file with style. Is generated and opens with the main processors for Windows: Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, Display Write, WordStar.

.WRI: Stylish text file generated by the Microsoft Windows accessory Write. Accessible with this program or any word processor.

.RTF: Forrmato rich text file for exchanging text between different processors and various systems operating. Accessible with any processor.

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