Herramienta online para enviar ficheros grandes

Discover a simple solution for sending large files

We may need enviar algún fichero como adjunto en un email, either a video, fotos o cualquier otro archivo de gran tamaño, and we meet the error message “The size of the attachment exceeds the limit”, because the file size exceeds the size limit that allows us our email provider, so we have to choose alternative.

One option is to upload email attachments on a file storage and sharing service, such as storage services in the cloud Google Drive, Dropbox, Box o Skydrive.

But if you only need to send in a timely manner a file or several large files, one of the many recipients, hay un servicio muy útil y sencillo de utilizar, WeTransfer.

Con WeTransfer, we do not need an account to share the file, no need to register on the Web. The service is free if you send files no greater than 2GB.

It is an online tool that does not have to download, and is also available in Spanish.

How it works

Como enviar archivos grandes adjuntosFrom the WeTransfer page:

  • Click first on Add File.
  • Selecciona el fichero que quieras enviar.Para añadir otro, click Add more files and select them.
  • Escribe la dirección del destinatario.Escribe tu email para que te avisen cuando lo descarguen.
  • En la casilla Mensaje escribe el texto descriptivo del mensaje que desees, which will be received by the recipient, along with the link of the file sent.
  • Finally pulses on Transfer.
  • The recipient will receive a message with the link where you can make the download.

The duration of this file on the server is 7 days, then be automatically removed.
Did you ever used or other alternative prefer to send large files?


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