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It's not a joke!They are online applications

This is not a joke,CIERTO 😉

puedes continuar leyendo, si quieres divertirte un ratito.

I will quote some online applications that does not make much sense, something useless but very fun, not really to serve, so they could conceivably be a joke.

……..On the Internet we have everything ……………………

In Spain the 28 December is the Day of the Holy Innocents, day of joking. We are the only country (además de América Latina) to celebrate this day, because in the rest of Europe jokes on you 1 April.

In English they call Fools Day (on Fools Day), en italiano Pesce d’aprile (April fish) and French, April Fools (April also Pez).

The Feast of the Holy Innocents recalls the ordered killing in Bethlehem by King Herod on all children under 2 years old, to ensure that die also newborn Jesus, according Herod had come into the world to take the throne.

Popular tradition has become a day to spend “innocent jokes”.

It is typical that the periodic, radio and television news give false belie the next day. On the street, podemos ver alguna persona con elmonigote blanco”, but when it comes to children, with family and friends, jokes always comment that both sides have spent or have suffered, which indicates that the tradition is still very much alive.
In Internet the same applies, en muchas webs y blogs, today it is common to find many practical jokes ... ¡CUIDADO !
If you want to have some fun, además de usar la imaginación para averiguar cual es el sentido de estas aplicaciónes, visitalas.

aplicaciones online divertidasangeloplessas.com

A lady jumping on a trampoline,

¿qué te parece?

aplicaciones online divertidas.


A sort of robot-rabbit chasing a carrot..




--aplicaciones online divertidasdhteumeuleu.com

If you click on the pictures new pictures every open looks smaller, and, and… Result:

¡ un buen gráfico !

¡Disfruta de este gran día!

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